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Best Manufacturing Method Source: Stamping vs. Casting Metal Parts Production Custom Tool & Die

How important is expert design when customizing metal parts?

Design in any situation has one common element: if you ask 5 people the same question, you are going to get 5 answers. It's possible there will be more than one "right" way of doing something. It's also possible that just because you've done something one way for years doesn't mean it's the best way, or that someone with more information can't offer you an improvement.

This is why having a good designer available who understands the application of your product, the best materials, and the design and fabrication process, can improve your quality and cost efficiency. For example, many times clients who order casted metal parts do so simply because their "once upon a time" designer recommended it years ago. In the meantime, the application and technology has improved. Design knowledge and innovation that wasn't available years ago may be now, especially if the manufacturing source has changed. It's likely that stamping is a better fit for these casting customers and they just don't realize it yet.

Advantages for stamping over casting for custom metal part fabrication:
  • Lower cost per volume.
  • Application may benefit from lighter or cooling material
  • Get the most uses out of the initial tool.
It's important to work with a designer who is willing to ask, "What is the best way to make this part?" A knowledgeable expert can make cost savings suggestions during the metal stamping process, helping to standardize parts with similar applications to be produced on the same tooling. This creates a faster order turn-around and lower costs.

Does your manufacturer offer you design innovation?

One challenge with working with foreign parts manufactures is a lack of communication and innovative design. While it's possible a foreign company can fill an order, clients have been frustrated at the inability of the offshore sources to understand the American need for creativity and redesign. Because they neither understand the application nor are close to the customer, foreign companies reduce the value they can offer in metal stamping and part fabrication. This is why the least expensive option may not be the best for your manufacturing needs. Refuse to sacrifice quality just to get the lowest bid: it could end up being the most costly option in the long run. Unique Tool and Manufacturing is a North American metal parts manufacturer that customizes the process that best meets your needs with a full range of services for the electrical, communications, satellite, appliance, automotive, and refrigeration industries. Their highly trained experts will work to ensure the best method is used to achieve your goals with technical expertise, technology, and product development that help you incorporate more cost efficient procedures that meet today's demand and standards. For more information on the services Unique Tool and Manufacturing offers call 1-734-850-1050.
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