Reduce Overall Costs

Looking to reduce manufacturing costs? Switch to a domestic supplier.

We know the fastest way to accomplish anything is to reduce the number of steps it must go through. Get from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. In other words, find a straight line. Why then, when choosing manufacturers for metal parts processing, do so many companies choose to have multiple suppliers involved?
  • One Overseas Company is stamping the part, who then
  • packs and ships it back to you so that it can be sent
  • Elsewhere to be deburred and finished.
  • Packed and shipped again, it next goes
  • to an Assembly Plant, where it may have to wait for other components before being completed.
Are you seeing how difficult it can be to issue any kind of timed delivery date or controlled cost for the final product? A system this cumbersome can be fraught with a number of delays and unforeseen expenses. Cargo ships that break down, parts that need to be returned or remade due to quality concerns, and high tariffs and fees are just some of the concerns that might have a severe effect on the timing and cost of the finished product.

Find a manufacturing supplier that can provide a full range of services under one roof.

You can save substantial time, labor and staff hours, supply costs, internal paperwork, and management hassle by purchasing one assembly from a single supplier rather than using separate suppliers for each part and assembling at your own facility. It's obviously much easier to buy whole unit. A whole unit equals that "straight line" between you and your customer.

Customized assembly is just one benefit to going this route. Domestic suppliers also help you avoid the exorbitant air and cargo freight shipping costs that come with using foreign sources. You can eliminate the high tariffs and port-of-entry fees, fluctuations in international currency, and errors that happen with difficult communication and the language barrier

Companies like Unique Tool and Manufacturing streamline the manufacturing process with a full range of services for the electrical, communications, satellite, appliance, automotive, and refrigeration industries within North America. By constantly reviewing procedures and equipment through lean manufacturing, they can offer technical expertise, technology, and product development that will help you incorporate more efficient procedures that are cost effective to today's demand and standards. Compete in today's global market by supplying the highest quality products, reliably, consistently, and on time. For more information on the services Unique Tool and Manufacturing offers call 1-734-850-1050 or send us a message using the contact form below.
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