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Quality Control Increase Profits

The best Quality Control is in choosing quality sources for your product.

Why are so many manufacturing plants closing their doors? The answer might be in the dumpster, on the time sheets, and in the red lines of the profit ledger. When quality is left up to chance, disaster is often the result. Mistakes equal wasted material, wasted time, and wasted money. Smart companies seek to reduce waste in every category. At the end of 2008, the bankruptcy rate for manufacturing plants was the second highest of any industry in the country. In today's economy can you really afford to make stupid mistakes with high levels of wasted resource?

Quality requires competence, skill, organization, and consistency. Anyone seeking to build a reputable business and promote a product or service is going to care about quality control. It's a method of gaining assurance that what your customer is paying for is what you promised, what they wanted, and that it's the best it can be. Quality Control gives companies power, providing a competitive edge when bidding against offshore manufacturing plants. If you've ordered custom metal fabrication for satellite or electrical parts, you want the same integrity and quality in every piece.

Features of manufacturers who will deliver the quality they promise:
The best operations procedure is a system that is so tight and professional that the customer never has to wonder "how" something happens...they can simply rely on the fact that it will. If you want this for your business, chances are that your customer wants it for theirs as well. High quality domestic manufacturing plants have a process they continually work to perfect, with elements that help guarantee positive results:
  • They use up to date equipment. Staying technologically current, using and updating computerized software (CAD, CAM, CNC) helps with repeatability and accuracy of manufactured parts.
  • They only employ highly trained employees. Lean manufacturing processes are not going to be fully established in the absence of good employee training and cross-training.
  • They measure the possibility of errors. Statistical Process Controls is a quality control process that mathematically analyzes the process the product goes through to make sure everything is done to each client's specifications. SPC can predict how many "bad" parts can potentially be produced out of a large quantity. Using the system throughout the process helps allow for adjustments to eliminate or steeply reduce error.

Reduce financial risk by increasing manufacturing quality.

Unique Tool and Manufacturing streamlines the manufacturing process with a full range of services for the electrical, communications, satellite, appliance, automotive, and refrigeration industries within North America. If you need custom metal fabrication, don't assume that turning to a source overseas will be the best solution. Companies save thousands of dollars by using domestic sources close to home, with increased communication ability and consistent quality you can trust. Avoid lengthy shipping time, inconsistent materials, and costly mistakes that could have been prevented. Unique Tool and Manufacturing offers technical expertise, technology, and product development that will help you incorporate more efficient procedures that are cost effective to today's demand and standards. For more information on the services Unique Tool and Manufacturing offers call 1-734-850-1050 or send us a message using the contact form below.
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