Domestic Suppliers Reduce Cost and Increase Reliability

Reduce your cost and increase your reliability by using domestic metal parts and stamping suppliers.

"Reliability" is more than a business-planning catch phrase. Not many companies will retain and build business clientele if they routinely exceed the initial estimate, continually experience long delays or shortages, or offer inconsistent quality in their products. The solution to an expensive, haphazard approach to manufacturing and supply is known as "Lean Production".

One prominent feature of lean production is the utilization of adequate sourcing. This may often include using dual sources to achieve reliability for your customers. If you can ensure you'll receive quality products, on time and at the right price, you can then in turn ensure the same result for your customer down the line.  Strive to use companies for the manufacture of your parts and assemblies that also use lean production practices as well. One of the best ways to save on excesses is by using turn-key companies that can offer you full resources under one roof.

Using domestic metal part production and assembly companies helps to avoid:
  • Ocean freight to transport cargo. Oceanic shipping is not just costly; it can also come with heightened risk of danger or delay.  Ships do sink, break down, or experience other at-sea hazards that affect when (and in what condition) your product arrives. 
  • Expensive air freight to transport replacement parts for quality control or changes in quantity.
  • Communication challenges. The language barrier between Asian manufacturing companies and American clients extends much further than differences in dialect. Chinese manufacturing companies have consistently shown a lack of innovation and understanding for the American market.
  • Quality control issues that arise when using manufacturing sources in countries without safety standards or reliable inspection processes.

Find cost efficient customized options for high volume parts production.

The best domestic supplier will also offer customized options that can take your product from design through the final assembly. Keeping each step under the same roof eliminates the elevated costs and lengthened time that come with packing and shipping each part for an individual manufacturing process. For instance, if the same company can process your high volume order by offering full metal stamping services, robotic arm welding, and final assembly, your production will be leaner and more streamlined. You'll have one team of experts to deal with fewer potential breaks in your supply chain. In turn, the information you offer your customer about the finished product they purchase from you will be much more reliable and trustworthy. By improving your business, you improve theirs, earning their loyalty along the way.

Unique Tool and Manufacturing is a custom metal stamping company supplying stampings to the satellite, communications, electrical, appliance, refrigeration, and automotive industries throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. They specialize in tool and die manufacturing, brazing, welding, plating, and more. They believe in improving their ability to serve clients by constantly reviewing procedures and equipment through lean manufacturing. The resources they can offer in technical expertise, technology, and product development will help to incorporate more efficient procedures that are cost effective to today's demand and standards.

In today's global market you need to be competitive and supply the highest quality products in order to surpass your competition. Unique Tool and Manufacturing is committed to continually looking at our processes to reduce cost. For more information or to speak with someone who can help your business gain an advantage in today's manufacturing market call 1-734-850-1050 or send us a message using the contact form below.
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