Protection through plating

Provide a more attractive, more durable product by having it plated.

Plating is used to enhance appearance, to inhibit corrosion, to improve solder ability, to harden and improve wear ability, to reduce friction, to improve paint adhesion, to alter conductivity, for radiation shielding, and for other purposes. Plating is a very effective way to increase the value of your product for your customer. Plated metal parts have additional protection from rust and the elements and because plating works as a primer, paint will adhere better after plating than without it.

For manufactures seeking to implement more lean production practices, plating is often an option for parts production that will benefit the process. When a domestic supplier for metal parts can fabricate and plate your product under one roof, the result is streamlined production and shipping timelines with reduced costs overall. Manufacturers may find they can do "more with less" with plating as well because plating a part costs less than painting, when some level of protection is necessary.

Plating comes in four basic colors: yellow gold, clear (actually a chrome tone), black and olive drab. Metal plating has been done for hundreds of years but it is also critical for modern technology.  There are several plating methods. The most common is zinc plating, including clear and black non-hexavalent, as well as chromate and trivalent chromate processes.
  • Ultra bright color (clear, yellow)
  • Excellent ductility & adhesion
  • Consistent distribution
  • Excellent chromate conversion coating
  • Salt spray protection
Other plating options can include electroplating, electroless plating, and nickel, tin, or gold plating.

The best quality control you'll have is with domestic suppliers close to home.

When you choose a domestic coating manufacturer you increase productivity, decrease hassles, and reduce your overall cost. Smooth operations will reduce worry, anxiety, supply chain disruptions, and unnecessary expense. This is because when you use multiple suppliers over a large distance, the room for something to "go wrong" exponentially increases. Companies like Unique Tool that can complete every step of the process from fabrication to plating and assembly eliminates the need for additional steps and stops along the way. You deal with a single company who understands what you're striving for and seeks you help you succeed.

Most companies are trying to balance the need to cut down on cost while still increasing value with their product and out-performing the competition. Unique Tool offers a full range of quality services from the initial concept through the final coating and assembly. As one of the most efficient metal stamping companies available, Unique Tool offers versatility, innovation, and efficient production. For more information or to speak with someone who can help you get the best coating for your product call 1-734-850-1050 or send us a message using the contact form below.
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