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Can you get custom metal parts fabrication at a lower cost?

Can you get custom metal parts fabrication at a lower cost?

Do you think Asian manufacturing sources are the best deal for the lowest money? If so, think again. While they may be able to offer the lowest labor costs and present the cheapest initial quote, offshore sources can increase your final cost, slow your production time, and harm your quality assurance.

That may sound harsh. After all, manufacturing trends for years have been headed overseas. So much so in fact that record numbers of domestic industrial plants have been forced to declare bankruptcy. But what customers who need quality metal stampings, tool and die production, or metal parts fabrication are discovering is that the savings in cheap labor can't cover the high cost of international shipping, errors due to poor communication ability, lack of innovation and customization, and inferior materials slipping into production.

So if you need to save money on your manufacturing costs and going overseas is not the option you're interested in, what else can you do? How to save money manufacturing metal parts:

  • Inquire about changing castings to stampings. Just because it's "always" done that way doesn't mean it's the best way. If you have a casting and are manufacturing in large volume, it may be beneficial to see if stamping is a possible option for you. Will cost less for the initial part and you'll get more stampings from that part.
  • Consider drop ship options: A large cut in overhead costs can be found in using suppliers that will drop ship the product using your labels rather than sending them back to you for relabeling and re-shipping.
  • Consider die-strip optimization: Reduce scrap and get the most parts possible from rolled die-strip optimization. How is this done? Imagine cutting cookies out of rolled out dough. The highest amount of cookies with the least amount of waste material will come from the nested placement of the cutter.
  • Insist on working with manufactures that are ISO 9001:2008 certified. They should include the availability of certified wire EDM and CNC machining centers, assuring a high degree of part repeatability, accuracy, and time savings
  • Choose a domestic manufacturing source. Cut international tariffs and fees and high cargo shipping and air freight costs from your expense budget simply by choosing a North American metal parts fabricator.

Choose a manufacturer who understands the domestic market concerns.

Offshore companies by their very nature are far away in a foreign culture. They are logistically challenged when it comes to their ability to understand the American need for innovation and economic concern. Fortunately there are excellent domestic options available. Unique Tool and Manufacturing customizes the manufacturing process that best meets your needs with a full range of services for the electrical, communications, satellite, appliance, automotive, and refrigeration industries within North America. Challenge the thinking that suggests offshore companies are the best option for your money. Unique Tool and Manufacturing offers technical expertise, technology, and product development that will help you incorporate more efficient procedures that are cost effective to today's demand and standards. For more information on the services Unique Tool and Manufacturing offers call 1-734-850-1050.

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