How to Find a Reliable Metal Stamping Supplier

How can you avoid working with unreliable metal stamping suppliers?

The wrong choice of supplier is more than an unfortunate inconvenience: it can actually ruin your company! With bankruptcy on the sharp rise in the metal industry, businesses have to look more critically than ever at their supply line. The fact is, supply line disruptions quickly leads to financial loss. The only question is going to be, “how much is the damage?”

You can avoid this by choosing your supplier wisely and by maintaining a strict policy of dual-sourcing. You should always have a back-up supplier ready. Your second source should be of equal caliber as your first so that there is no disadvantage to using either one. By watching for a few simple criteria you can establish reliable, consistent, and valuable supply connections that will protect your own ability to provide quality products and service to your customers.

What should you look for in a supplier? “Time” is a top priority.

  • Experience and longevity in the industry: new businesses open and close their doors thousands of times over the course of a year. There’s an aggressive rise in off-shoring possibilities for supplies with tempting, low, price tags. So if selection and a low price are easily attainable, why shouldn’t you choose them? Time always reveals the truth. Over time an unstable, new company may crumble, unable to support the business it’s promised to complete. Over time those off-shore suppliers result in soaring hidden costs, shipping delays, and a lack of design innovation. Look for a metal stamping supplier that has been in business for years, has the reputation to back their claims, and who you can trust will still be in business next year.
  • Responsiveness and Delivery: One of the biggest drawbacks to using off-shore suppliers is the time involved in maintaining clear communications through a language barrier. Another is the time involved with over-seas shipping should you need a returned product, additional supply, or sudden change to your order. If your off-shore source is not implementing lean-manufacturing practices, they likely have to wait on their own source next up in the supply line. Their delaycould cause you an even greater delay and that’s before your product is boxed and packed on the cargo ship.
  •  A thorough, “turnkey” approach to provision and innovation: it will always be more efficient and cost-effective to work with those who understand your needs and can take you from start-to-finish, in-house. Suppliers who can help you stay on the cutting edge of design, create for you a product that is uniquely yours, and help you recalibrate your process will undoubtedly save you time, money, and set you apart from your competition.

Use a supplier that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This means they have met the criteria as a quality management system that consistently provides products and service that meet the statutory and regulatory requirements. An innovative supplier that has your best interest in mind will recommend where you can convert your expensive castings to stampings to reduce scrap and save on costs. You want a company that has experience with the complexity and changing dynamics of the industry that can provide you with reliable solutions to your problems and needs.

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