Use Tumbling to Deburr

Remove sharp, dangerous edges to improve the quality of metal parts.

Stamped metal parts may have issue with burrs or sharp edges. The solution for this is known as "tumbling" or "deburring". Ideally, the same shop that you turn to for custom metal stamping will also offer tumbling and deburring services. Tumbling can improve both the safety and aesthetics of the finished part.  How is this accomplished?

There are two types of deburring machines primarily used - tumbling or barrel machines and vibratory machines. The team of experts you are using to manufacture your parts should be able to recommend the best method for your purpose; this is one advantage to choosing a company that you can communicate easily with and share an understood goal.
  • Tumblers are used for the mass finishing of parts. They can be used for Wet and Dry Finishing. These systems are well suited for the fast and efficient deburring of metal parts or components and are used where heavy de-burring is required. Barrels are ideal for heavy loads. Dry Tumbling is used when delicate deburring is called for and produces a smooth finish. Wet Barreling is used for metal processing to remove excess material and provide a polish.
  • Vibratory deburring machines are also used for mass finishing. They function by shaking or vibrating the processing vessel, which causes the finishing media and parts to scrape against each other.  These machines are precise and can de-burr even recesses in the parts. This makes them very suitable for delicate and intricate components. They can also be used on large surfaces because they have very short strokes and high speeds. These machines can be automated quite easily compared to tumblers.

Additional finishing is achieved by using ceramic media in the deburring process. Ceramic media parts are long lasting and inexpensive. As they can be used for multiple requirements, they are the most commonly used in the mass finishing industry.

Consistent quality is not something Asian manufacturers have demonstrated.

While they may be cheaper to use according to the initial estimate, Asian suppliers do not have a reputation for offering consistent quality for the parts they manufacture. One reason for this is that there is no overseeing entity (such as OSHA); as a result suppliers often "cut corners" and skip steps. This can have a serious effect on the safety and quality of the product you receive and in turn pass on to your customer.

Domestic products may seem to initially cost more. But consider the long run expense that can come from using foreign suppliers:
  • Ocean freight to transport cargo
  • Air freight to transport replacement parts or changes in quantity. 
  • Fluctuations in currency that may not be in your favor.
  • Port of entry fees, storage and lift fees, and additional duty/tariffs.
  • Potential lost business, expensive returns, or even lawsuits if sharp, dangerous parts result in injury.
Using a stamping supplier that can also ensure your product has optimal appearance and safety will give you an advantage over your competition. Unique Tool and Manufacturing is a domestic custom metal stamping company that manufactures parts for the satellite, communications, electrical, appliance, refrigeration, and automotive industries throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. They specialize in tool and die manufacturing, brazing, welding, plating, deburring and more; you can have the entire process from innovative design through parts assembly completed under one roof. Unique Tool and Manufacturing is committed to continually looking at our processes to reduce cost; this passes on to you. For more information or to speak with someone who can help your business gain an advantage in today's manufacturing market call 1-734-850-1050 or send us a message using the contact form below.
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