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Are you feeling pressure to accept a bid that has a low price tag but comes with high anxiety?

Often when presented with a series of bids, the board may lean towards whichever comes with the lowest price tag. Off-shore companies can severely cut the cost on paper because of the cheap labor they are able to employ. However, manufacturers have learned the hard way that the lowest bid is not always the cheapest in the long run.

The stakes quickly become high. A delay in delivery or a quality control issue can have devastating financial effects. Remember, the importer is 100% responsible for the quality, safety, and compliance of product. In 2007 Mattel imported toys tainted with lead. The result was the recall of over 967,000 toys. When you use suppliers located so far away and with loose quality standards there is no way to know if they are substituting with hazardous materials.

Material substitution is just one way using a cheap supplier can become a costly mistake. The list of hidden fees that come with off-shoring is extensive and usually left off the initial bid all together. The entire process of cheap, off-shore supply can be fraught with opportunities for things to go wrong, keeping you up at night, sweating the possible delays and disasters.

However, there are solutions for executives who want...
  • Excellent quality and on-time delivery at a low cost
  • To please stockholders and immediate boss
  • Not worry about their supply chain
  • Peer and industry recognition
  • To increase profitability
  • A trustworthy supplier
  • Smooth operations
The best companies remove the worries. They will make you feel confident they will get the job done. They make your job easier. They will:
  • Be on time
  • Provide high quality you can rely on
  • Have a good cost
Having a reliable, domestic metal supplier in your corner will increase productivity and decrease hassles. Being this kind of supplier for your customer will earn you peer recognition. Smooth operations will reduce worry, anxiety, supply chain disruptions, and unnecessary expense.

If you're looking for a metal stamping supplier that uses lean manufacturing methods, is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and can deliver what they promise, contact Unique Tool & Manufacturing. Their years in the industry have set them apart from the competition: you can count on them for innovation, reliability, and leadership. They've taken the time to listen to customer needs and address the critical issues of time, expense, logistics, and communication. For more information or to speak with someone who can help empower your business in today's metal manufacturing market call 1-734-850-1050 or send us a message using the contact form below.
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