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Custom Metal Stamping

Unique Tool and Manufacturing is a custom metal stamping company supplying stampings to the satellite, communications, electrical, appliance, refrigeration, and automotive industries throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. We specialize in tool and die manufacturing, brazing, welding, plating, and more! Our Company is committed to providing our clients with the best products and custom metal fabrication services at competitive prices.

We believe in improving our ability to serve our clients by constantly reviewing procedures and equipment through lean manufacturing. The resources we have in such areas as technical expertise, information technology, market and product development incorporate more efficient procedures that are cost effective to our client’s demands.

Unique Tool and Manufacturing, a metal forming stamping company, recognizes that in today’s global market you need to be competitive and supply the highest quality products in order to surpass your competition. Unique Tool and Manufacturing is committed to continually looking at our processes to reduce cost. We are determined to give you the necessary advantage.

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